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Art of Balancing

Developed under Facebook's Oculus Launchpad

The Experience:
Art of Balancing, is a VR mindfulness game that helps players hone in on what’s most important to them. The experience combines rock stacking, a global past-time that knows no language, with oral storytelling, an age-old tradition. The act of stacking places users into a zen-like flow state where they are then guided to reflect on their relationships with their loved ones in a safe and compassionate platform.

Rock Stacking: 
The closest one can get the real-world rock stacking pastime without the ecological impact. Feel the satisfaction from every rock fitting into its place within your own unique design.

Oral Storytelling: 
Through a series of carefully crafted prompts, practice gratitude as your inner voice becomes one with the stress-free world around you.

My Role:
Producer, 3D Environmental Artist.

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