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Dear Mom

In Partnership with Facebook API@ AR/ VR

The Story:
While struggling to become a successful VR artist, an Asian-American woman comes home to visit her Mom after years of separation. In collaboration with Facebook API@AR/ VR, Dear Mom is a 360º immersive experience dedicated to appreciating mother figures through the act of gift-giving.

The Tech: 
Dear mom incorporates a variety of new media technologies including 8K Stereoscopic 360 Video, photogrammetric scanning, 3D Quill drawing, and VR game mechanics. 

One Shot Two Locations:To capture the sensation of empathy, the 360 hemisphere is split in between two worlds: Vivian's New York Apartment and Mom's suburban home.

The Call to Action:
After the experience, users are given a link to our WebAR gift creation tool. Using their own memories, photos, and voices, they can create a virtual AR gift card to remind their Mothers how much they love them.

The Awards:
BAFTAs Interactive Media Showcase

VR for Change
Honorable Mention

My Role:
Producer, Production Designer, VFX Artist.

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