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dphu virtual campus

department of public health

role: game developer, virtual training producer. 
tools: unity, c#, blender, photoshop.

Hybrid/ remote work is here to stay. For better or for worse, the COVID pandemic has transformed the way we communicate. When I joined the Department of Public Health’s Organizational Development and Training team as a Virtual Training Producer, onboarding was done completely online. I received a dozen PDF documents explaining the culture, rules, and values of the organization. The process was a huge bore and I couldn’t connect with any of the material.

Therefore, in line with the metaverse craze, I pitched to my supervisors a vertical slice demo for an online interactive experience where employees can explore a virtual version of the office. This space would be filled with office mementos and stories that remote employees would not otherwise get access to. 

Below (for PC and Mac devices) is my early vertical slice demo. 

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