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Middle School.
At age 11 an eventful google search "How To Make Video Games" led me to discover the 3D software Blender. I became obsessed with the idea of creating characters and worlds.

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Cubeland video game project.

My 14 year old self making a tutorial with 140K views! 

High School. 
As I entered high school I gained an obsession to explore the different creative arts! I spent each year focused on learning a new craft. 

My Hobbies:

Freshman Year. Gymnastics.

Sophomore Year. Painting.

Junior Year. Dance.

Senior Year. Rope Dart.

IB Higher Level Art Exhibition: The Evolution of Dance.
As part of the International Bachelorette program, Higher Level Art is a 2 year intensive class where students finish with an exhibition of their work. My exhibition titled "The History of Dance" explores the idea of dance seen in different mediums over different time periods.