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Nicholas Pudjarminta |   |   (213) 352 - 7522



University of Southern California | Graduated: May 2020 | Magna Cum Laude Honors (GPA 3.81)

Film and Television Production BFA (With an Emphasis on Virtual Reality)



USC World Building Media Lab, Technical Producer, XR Developer

Los Angeles | March 2022 - Present

  • Lead the AR and VR development teams of Inner Space, an educational platform that visualizes human cellular biology. Project is led by Alex McDowell (Minority Report) and Helen Berman (Protein Data bank).  

  • Identify project goals, design requirements, and technical specifications from project stakeholders. 

  • Adapt to budget constraints by hiring a lean team of highly skilled contractors and interns. 

  • Monitor team progress, identify critical issues, and prioritize tasks to meet all project milestones. 

  • Cultivate professional networks at festivals, conferences, and events to identify new collaborators.   

  • Pitch million-dollar project proposals internationally to prospective donors, clients, and investors. 

  • Create VR prototypes that explore protein building game mechanics using Unity, C#, Blender, and Figma.  

  • Write procedural animations to visualize the formation of Insulin Crystals at the atomic scale. This includes programming movement physics, obstacle avoidance, and recursive rulesets.

  • Solve optimization hurdles with GPU instancing to visualize the six million amino acids in a single insulin crystal.

  • Design UI/UX that break down complex molecular biology data into a easy-to-understand visual experience.

AmaVR, Co-Founder, Producer, & XR Developer  

Los Angeles | Nov 2017 – Dec 2022

  • Managed, trained, and assembled the AmaVR team, the award-winning mixed reality studio behind Ama’s Momento (IndieCade), Dear Mom (BAFTA), and Wing Wor (G4C).    

  • Spearheaded the development of narrative virtual reality projects for clients including Meta (Facebook). 

  • Developed innovative workflows and process diagrams for a unique team composition for virtual reality.

  • Composed persuasive festival applications, created marketing materials, and conducted effective outreach.

  • Utilized Unity + C# to code game mechanics, scene managers, and procedural tools.

  • Iterated on UX through design meetings, rapid prototyping, and user playtesting.

  • Designed virtual worlds using Blender and textured those spaces with Substance Painter.


LA County Department of Public Health, Virtual Training Producer 

Los Angeles / July 2021 – March 2022

  • Pitched to seven managers and convinced the director of ODT (Organizational Development Training) that we should build an online web game to make remote onboarding fun, interactive, and effective. 

  • Shipped a vertical slice demo of the online web game using Blender, Unity, C#, and WebGL. 

Transparent Arts, Video Production intern 


Ama’s Momento (2019): Reviewed by the LA Times as “heart-achingly thoughtful”.  Head of Production

Dear Mom (2020): Finalist for BAFTA Interactive Media Showcase. Producer

Art of Balancing (2021): Selected for Facebook’s Oculus Launchpad Program. Producer

Wing Wor (2023): Finalist for Games for Change. Technical Producer

RECOVR (2024): Best Startup and Best Healthcare App at MIT Reality Hack.  Product Manager



Project Management: Trello, Smartsheet, Jira, Notion, Miro, Lucid Chart, ShotGrid, Movie Magic.  

Game Engines and 3D: Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, Substance Painter, Meshroom, Instant Mesh.

Programming: C# (Proficient), Processing (Intermediate), Python (Beginner). 

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